Diversity, Equity, Justice, and Inclusion at Linn County Department of Health Services

Growing Together with Our Community

Linn County Department of Health Services (LCDHS) is committed as an employer, service provider, and community partner to its growth into an organization that centers diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice. LCDHS seeks to achieve this by integrating equity and cultural competence in all policies, committing to continued learning and unlearning, and actively listening and responding to community voices.

Commitment to Change in Action

Linn County Department of Health Service has taken several significant steps in its growth as an organization that centers diversity, equity, justice, and inclusion. 

  • The Work Begins  

    Made a stated commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice work and convened a DEJI committee with representatives from every program and level of the organization


  • Understand the Environment  

    Conducted an environmental assessment to look at the current landscape and hear from staff, clients, and leadership where we needed to grow


  • Sustained Investment  

    Committed funds to support DEJI work including trainings, technical assistance, and staff time


  • Creating Space for Growth 

    Programs and teams revisit and revise policies and procedures to improve service delivery for those who face barriers to health and wellness


  • Workforce Development  

    Held all-staff DEJI training based on feedback from customers, staff, and leadership


  • Looking to 2023 and Beyond  

    Integrate DEJI principles into long term plans, like strategic plans and health improvement plans, that guide health department programs.